Tenerife prize winner

img-winner-jalywardDescribing themselves as a family who couldn’t even ‘win an argument’, the Aylward family from Leeds were astounded when HPW rang to announce that they were the lucky winners of our holiday prize!

It was in fact Julie who had entered the competition when she came across the site while surfing the internet on a quiet day at work. She described herself as ‘gobsmacked’ when we called to tell her that she’d won! Husband John admits though that, like any other family on hearing such great news, they did wonder, what’s the catch…?

Yet as the family relaxed in their apartment at our resort in Tenerife, kindly giving us 20 minutes of their time to let us know their thoughts on HolidayPrizeWorld, John states plainly, “There has been no catch whatsoever with this holiday. We turned up here on Friday, we got out of the taxi, went down to reception, and as from then nothing was too much trouble for the staff here.”

“The accommodation is really, really lovely and the staff that are working here are fantastic. Whatever you ask them to do, they do for you, and it’s done straight away… The rooms are spotless, and they are kept spotless.”

The Aylwards chose Tenerife as it was an island they’d never visited before and now, having spent a fantastic holiday there, describe it as ‘delightful’. There is a word of warning from John though, “Bring plenty of sun tan lotion.”

One of the most memorable experiences of their holiday was the boat trip out to see the pilot whales, which was ‘wonderful’ and during which their children even caught sight of baby whales. They also visited the beaches, including Playa de las Americas. Top of the agenda though, was simply relaxing, as in their own words, “Rest is what everybody wants on holiday.”

The family’s advice to anyone considering entering Holiday Prize World’s monthly competition is unanimous – do it! As Julie says, “You don’t always win, but somebody’s got to, and if you’re the fortunate ones like we were then it’s fantastic. And you could win. Anybody out there could win, so enter!”