Holiday to Spain win

A 100% record in anything is usually well worth having, but when it comes to winning online competitions, Tracy Cook, from Bradford, is batting 1 for 1!

While surfing the internet, she came across the HPW web site and, she freely admits, had little hope of success as she pressed ‘send’ to enter for the first time. A few weeks later, while visiting her mother, Tracy took the phone call from HPW and, with some suspicion, reluctantly accepted that she had won.

However, having done the research to convince herself and partner Don that all was above board with her prize of a week’s holiday on Spain’s fabulous Costa del Sol, together with £1000 spending money, she now says, “I can’t believe it – it’s 100% genuine!”

The couple were thrilled with their luxury holiday apartment, and Don said, “I call this 5-star; a complete home from home. The staff are excellent too – and all so friendly. I’ve totally de-stressed here in just 48 hours.”

Needless to say, kids Shannon (11) and Dylan (8) have spent most of their time in the resort’s superb swimming pool, but they are also looking forward to spending some of Tracy’s winnings on planned trips to Fuengirola Zoo and the AquaPark.

No strangers to mainland Spain, the family has also previously enjoyed holidays in Nerja and Benidorm, yet what they have seen on the southern coast has left them seriously impressed…and wanting more!

“Everyone in the family is already entering the HPW competitions,” said Tracy, “and I’m going to have another go myself, as soon as I get home!”

With her average, we expect to be seeing Tracy again very soon!