Queue ditch or Quidditch?

February 6, 2013

No getting away from it, if your nippers want to experience the Harry Potter Forbidden Journey ride at Universal, Orlando, then the chance to pitch yourself into a quidditch game wins over long queues to do so every time.

This star attraction has seen waiting times of up to 2 hours or more since it opened – so get there early to be sure your Potter fans are not disappointed. If roller coasters leave you queasy, then here’s a surprise, the queue for the attraction alone is worth doing…

Harry Potter Forbidden Journey

While waiting in Hogwarts Castle, you’ll walk through elaborately detailed scenes with projections of the main characters, talking portraits and even a greeting at his office by a hologram of headmaster Albus Dumbledore.

For the motion simulator ride, you take your place on an ‘enchanted bench’ and what follows is mightily impressive animation, thrilling turns and dips and scary stuff along the way including spiders! Advice is not to drink the butter beer until after your airborne quidditch match – and steer clear if you are an arachnophobe!

“Cool”, “Amazing”, “Best Ride Ever” are just some of the many comments posted by those who have dared already.

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Picture by: lightrace