Penguin power at SeaWorld Orlando this Spring

January 21, 2013

The eagerly awaited Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin ride at SeaWorld Orlando is set to open in Spring 2013… and reports are it’s going to be one cool attraction!

Visitors to the Florida theme park will see and experience giant icebergs and full scale glaciers, even brave a blizzard, as they make their epic exploration getting close up to a huge colony of penguins. A special car has been engineered to offer a trackless ride, on a choice of random routes, that glides, slides and simulates motion.

569117460_7256b57359_zThe idea is you follow a young penguin’s adventures and the car reacts to his storyline. Other cars will be around you on their tour and you can also walk among the four species of penguins: king, Adelies, rockhoppers and gentoos.

If you’re off to Florida in 2013, head to SeaWorld Orlando as this could be something both you and the kids will love and you can be among the first to experience this ‘one of a kind’ ride.

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Picture credit: jeremydeades