Join the Malaga Carnival!

January 16, 2013


February is carnival time with a riot of colour, costumes, parades, music, fireworks and exhibitionism in Andalucia’s main city centres; and one of the best takes place in Malaga.

Banned during the repressive Franco era and brought back in 1980, party loving Malagueños really put their all into this fantastic celebration. From February 2nd to the 10th expect street bands (murgas), masquerades, choirs, quartets – and of course a grand parade.

Loud and colourful, with an extravagantly costumed Carnival Queen and King Momo, the week begins with the big parade from the Plaza de la Constitucíon and ends with the ‘entierro del boqueron’ – funeral of the anchovy, symbolising the burial of fun times in readiness for the prayer and fasting of Lent.

Another feature of Malaga Carnival is the competition between groups of ‘chirigotas’ singing songs with lyrics lampooning prominent people and politicians. Even if you cannot understand, the mood is infectious and everywhere you’ll find incredible food being served and plenty of drinking.

Picture credit: JuanJaén